Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas coming late

Hoorah! I am an HR now. Special thanks to one of our clients, who entrusted us their internal motivation campaign. 
Well, not exactly. Someone, somewhere up the chain had created some motivational thoughts/wishes in the lines of happiness, good will, team play, peace on earth. I'd say they were copied from a bad HR textbook, but knowing the people I am dealing with, the "thoughts" came out straight from the first google hit on "motivation."
Back to the subject: these were meant to raise the activity of the mobile sales personnel + lower he employee  turnover. Perhaps it's a late Christmas miracle, or Venus  is in a strange alignment with Mars and Jupiter, but the collective (except for that romantic girl, with the idealistic idea that the client is always right) agreed on some much more trade-relevant motivation like "good ideas lead to career progress" or "Raising the company's profit, I raise my own."
Fingers crossed that the idea will pass.

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