Thursday, January 17, 2008

If Sergio Zyman Were Dead

If  Sergio Zyman were dead, he would be spinning in horror in his coffin right now. Why? Because his  ( sensible and proven ) credo about the purpose of marketing - sell more, to more people, is getting ripped apart by a recent marketing graduate, and two even more competent art school creatives.
The Brief: Create a promo for our not-so-beloved snacks' client.
The offered solution: Anything but sales promotion - starting with SMS game, where people would answer riddles, that would pay the promo and finishing with the reality games, popular in London, Moscow and God-knows-where-else, in which we will send people searching for clues on the streets and asking unknown people password questions. Wonderful, especially in Bulgaria, where people hate most of the society, are in a constant hurry and work all day long. 

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