Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Living in the Stone Age. That's not the appropriate era for a person in the ad business to live in. Especially an account manager. In a time, where more and more companies in the civilized world move from measured medias to internet, from print to internet and from everything to internet, the question I got from a colleague  ( complaining about the frequency of our client's website update) was: "What is a client interface? I  can't understand what you are saying." And she is the one selling products to clients? Exactly how will she sell anything other than billboards and TVCs, when she doesn't know anything about thing s other than billboards and TVCs. And how are we supposed to create a complex campaign, when clients don't get access to some of the most popular and powerful tools at the moment? And yes, that account manager was one of the many people that raised the uproar about an ARG I proposed as a promo mechanism, stating it was too complicated.

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