Friday, January 4, 2008

The name of the game

Desperation... this is the overall feeling that hits you when you realize how lonely it is at the top. And though I've never considered myself being on top of anything ( except a girl or 2-3-4-5-20) today I felt like a genius, as a colleague account manager firmly stated that a bank account is exactly the same as hmmm ... e-pay. "Yeah," he said, " you are using computer for this thing, so it is the same." Of course, just like teen pornography, online betting and youtube.
Now imagine that the same person gets to decide which of the names I've proposed are suitable to be presented to the client. Desperation? It's an understatement. 
The account guy has no knowledge of basic economics, and the bank brand manager ( probably an ex- account ) doesn't either. Or knows a lot about economics and nothing about advertising. And me, being a simple copywriter, do not have a decisive vote in any decision, as creative people are not supposed to have any grasp of a situation beyond beautiful colors and fancy words. 
Yes, I have a Master's degree in International Business Relations involving economics and marketing ( all 4 P's included ), and yes, I have worked a few years at various advertising and marketing-related positions, but I AM A COPYWRITER and I love it, so I don't know shit about anything else.
And the only way to do all the things I like and avoid the frustration of other people's stupidity is to own the agency.
So you are now reading the blog of the next O'gilvy.

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